Gitanyow Health and Wellness Society

We provide traditional and modern health services to build a strong and healthy community


It is Gitanyow’s vision that “Gitanyow is a healthy, active, safe and prosperous community that respects our traditions and history”.
This vision encompasses the philosophy of a holistic approach to program service delivery incorporating Gitanyow’s traditional with the conventional systems.

Our Staff

Janelle Johnson

Health Director

David Williams

Bus Driver

Courtney Homeniuk

FNHA Registered Nurse

Yvonne Starlund

Patient Travel & Receptionist

Selma Mclean

Home Care Aide

Pamela Good

Wrap around Health Care Worker

Loretta Morgan

Wellness Counselor

Jaqueline Morgan

Home Care Aide Worker

Lily Moore

Youth Worker

Evangeline Martin

Right To Play Youth Mentor

Jeremy Byl

Licensed Practical Nurse

Gwen Ventura

Community Health Representative

Howard George

Meals On Wheels & Janitorial

Nola Williams


Wanda Good

Indian Residential School

Gitanyow Health Goals

To raise Gitanyow standard of living through the capacity building and empowerment of community members and its service providers.

Goal 2

To protect, improve and advance the health and well-being of individual community members through healthy Gitanyow Gitxsan living and community-based learning.

Goal 3

To improve and expand all existing health services and access to health services.

Goal 4

To support health living and cultural connections through new community infrastructure and improve upon existing infrastructure.